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Let Social Media work for YOU!

For social media, we publish Facebook posts. We publish witty, intelligent, and humorous posts that are dialed into our customer or client’s local community, business objectives, industry, public image, and goals. We use pictures in a post to “show” a message, idea, or point, and “tell” Google content crawlers with your SEO Keywords/Phrases embedded in it that your Facebook business page is a genuine source of relevant content. People generally “like” or “share” Facebook posts with pictures that “say a thousand words.” If you are an auto repair shop that works on foreign cars and “specializing in BMW brake jobs” is one of your keywords/phrases, we will find a sharable image and embed this phrase in it. We don’t publish “cookie cutter” or “cut and paste” other people’s content. But, we are entrepreneurial in using images that reinforce a message. There are a number social media marketing companies posting things, but we dial in for measurable results; witty, intelligent, and humorous post that are likable and shareable. There is a clear business end to social media SEO, but it also fun to generate “buzz” about your business. Businesses and organizations partner with Elite Media for Facebook marketing solutions because we provide;

• Facebook strategy and integration for their website
• Creative advertising minds
• SEO expertise